When we purchased Tinnakill in 2002 it had been developed as a modern sheep-farm by the previous owners. We were able to retain much of the infrastructure such as farm roads, and upgrade where necessary to make it suitable for horses.

The key words in any redevelopment or upgrading that we do are comfort, safety and practicality, for both horses and staff.

The Main Barn

View down main barn

The main barn at one stage had been used to house 400 breeding ewes: it is now converted and is the centre of operations at Tinnakill, with 30 boxes, feed room, yard office, veterinary examination stocks and tack room.

The Old Coachhouse


Over the past three years we have undertaken a major renovation job on the old coachhouse and it now contains four foaling boxes and a staff canteen area.

Outside we have a dedicated showing area for sales horses.

The Lower Barn

horse walker

The purpose-built lower barn has 10 boxes, and close by we have a lunge ring and a horse walker. We have also developed a series of all-weather paddocks: these are invaluable for barren and maiden mares, especially in the winter months. We have installed lights which we can use to extend the day-length artificially and so hasten the onset of regular cycles in early spring.

Isolation Unit

Isolation boxes

Away from the main yard we have a 3 box isolation unit with an adjacent all-weather paddock.