Our Philosophy

Tinnakill House is the Irish home of Tinnakill Bloodstock, which has mares based in Ireland, the UK, France, and the US. A number of the mares are jointly-owned with partnership with longstanding clients. We also keep a select number of seasonal boarders.

We are a commercial enterprise and sell foals, yearlings and breeding stock at all major sales, but we also sell stock privately.

Beginning with the end in mind

Start with the end in mind

At Tinnakill House we aim to produce foals and yearlings that sell well but also perform with distinction on the racetrack: we raise our horses to be tough, healthy, sound and genuine.

We begin with the end in mind – in making our mating plans, ensuring optimum fertility during the breeding season, managing the mare during pregnancy, and closely supervising all foaling.

A good start


Mares and foals are turned out as much as possible, initially into small nursery paddocks and then into batches with their companions of similar age.

All the youngstock are handled extensively, and we make a point of carrying out a thorough assessment of each individual on a monthly basis. Any remedial farriery which might be required is carried out by a Master Farrier.

Pasture and feed


Our agronomist carries out regular herbage and soil analyses and our fertiliser programme is based on these results.

As a rule we feed a compounded feed from one of Ireland’s top feed companies, but individual diets are tailor-made as required.

Health and veterinary care

metaVeterinary care is based on a preventative approach, with appropriate vaccination and deworming based on a targeted strategic programme and a low stocking density.

Biosecurity is taken extremely seriously and all transport is done using our own lorry or jeep and trailer.



We decide into which sale we should enter an individual horse based on its pedigree, conformation and degree of maturity.

Tinnakill internationally

Lemons Mill gate

We board mares in the UK, France and the USA with partner farms that we know and trust.